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Webinar – Home Office Ergonomics

For months now, your employees have been working from home offices, and some might start feeling pain or discomfort.

We can help you.

Click here for information about our Home Office Ergonomics Webinar.

One-on-One Home Office Ergonomics Intervention
On Site or Online

You happen to do telework on a kitchen table and a wooden chair? You will find useful information here to help you stay healthy during these very unique times!

We offer home office assessment services online via videoconference.

Contact Emmanuel Benoit, Ergonomist CIRC, for more details and to make an appointment!

Tel.: (514) 270-9240

Conférence sur le Télétravail

Neck posture at the office that can lead to neck pain

I Feel Pain…

Check out our Blog for specific information about home office ergonomics, depending on where your pain is located.


Wrist pain at the office

Eye Fatigue

Visual fatigue


Neck pain at the office

Lower Back

Lower back pain at the office


Shoulder pain at the office


Couché de soleil

What Is Home Office Ergonomics?

Telework involves working from home. The term “telecommuting” is also used to talk about teleworking.

With home office ergonomics, we try to help prevent pain and injuries that could appear after a few months of working in an inappropriate setup.


Working from home using a laptop can be hard on your body. Some people develop neck pain or shoulder pain.

This can be resolved by using an external keyboard and an external mouse. This also allows you to put your laptop at a higher level, such as on a pile of books. The idea here is to have the top of your laptop screen at eye level. But if you wear bifocals, your computer screen should be lower.

Laptop monitor too low

Screen Positioning, Windows and Lighting

According to guidelines, your computer screen should be at a 90-degree angle from the window (not facing it, and not behind you). The idea is to avoid light reflections in your computer screen, or glare due to direct light.

Also, the general lighting of your workplace should be sufficient and well balanced. Try to avoid dark spots and add more lighting if needed.