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Ergonomics and Height of the Monitor

ergonomics monitor height

What is the appropriate height for the monitor, according to ergonomics?

What are the effects?

Let’s talk about it here!

The Answer Depends On…

The answer is not the same for everyone. If you are not sure, the best is to ask a specialist!

Here are the basics:

If you wear progressive lenses, go directly to section 2.

If not, we move on to section 1.

According to ergonomics literature, the upper part of the monitor should be at eye level at most.

In the picture on the right, the monitor height seems to follow this recommendation.

The CCOHS website states that a monitor that is too high might cause neck pain in the long run.

Also, according to the CCOHS, a monitor that is too low is not great either, although not as bad as a computer screen that is too high.

It’s often the case with a laptop, where the keyboard and screen are attached together. That is why we oftentimes place the laptop higher (e.g.: on a pile of books), and get an external keyboard and mouse.

good monitor height according to ergonomics
Monitor seems at an appropriate height
for this person
Laptop monitor height too low, ergonomics
Laptop screen appears to be too low

2 – Height of the Monitor if You Wear Progressive Glasses

This section is for you if you are wearing bifocal, trifocal or progressive glasses.

If you need to look through the lower part of your glasses, your monitor should be lower than the usually recommended height. Otherwise, you risk bending your neck backwards. No, that is not good for your body!

Recommended monitor height for people using bifocal glasses, ergonomics
The height of the computer screen seems appropriate for someone using bifocal glasses

To Go Beyond

Of course, every situation is unique and we are just providing some quick solutions here. This does not replace a complete assessment by a professional. Do you have questions on how to adjust the height of your monitor according to the principles of ergonomics? Don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed!

Post written by Emmanuel Benoit, Ergonomist, CIRC
 © All rights reserved

Emmanuel Benoit Ergonomist


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